Our story, definitely worth to read.

Rice Up! is founded by Nathalie Amado. As a young girl Nathalie Amado had very long, thick and coarse hair. As a mom of 7 children her mom didn’t know how to make her hair more manageable and easier to handle while mothering 7 kids. At that time  there was no internet with information about products for natural hair so her mom just did what the hairstylist at the salon recommended her: relaxing that long, thick and coarse hair with chemical relaxers. She knew little about the effects of relaxers but her mom decided to go with it.

As a young girl Nathalie was super happy with her new look because her natural hair wasn’t always seen as beautiful. Now she finally could wear her hair loose and that made her feel really beautiful and special! She learned to take care of her hair and was told what she couldn’t do with her hair. Things like swimming, sweating or playing in the rain were off limits. Isn’t it crazy for a child to grow up limited like that?

Fast forward, in 2016 Nathalie became a mom and re-discovered her love for fitness, skating and all the freedom that came along with it. The greatest part of her life she was used to live a limited life due to her hair regimen. Her hair was always priority.

One day she decided that she wanted to be free, she wanted to do all the things she likes without the limits that she had learned when she was younger. At that time she also noticed that something changed. More people in her environment started to wear their hair natural, like one of her cousins. Her cousin kept trying to convince her to go natural but she was scared. She didn’t know her natural hair and how is she going to wear it? Will it fit her? She was so used to being defined by her hair! After almost a year she decided to do a big chop without telling anyone. At first she felt very relieved and free. Although she was very used to her long hair, everything became so much easier with one chop! Her hair was growing slowly, and as it was growing the road became difficult. The process of getting to know her hair was very rough and she missed her long hair that she could wear in a ponytail when she was tired of it. She even started to dislike her hair. She was thrown back to her childhood where her hair wasn’t seen as beautiful. She had a hard time loving and embracing her natural hair(again). All she wanted at this moment was to grow her hair so she could wear it in a bun. That’s when she discovered rice water. A natural miracle cure, used for centuries by women from Huanglo village(als known as long haired women) in China. She started to make and use this miracle cure and her hair started to grow. Besides growing it had a lot more benefits for her hair. It became softer, more manageable, and her curls started to get more defined. She was shocked that this was really her natural hair. After a while she started to love, embrace and see the beauty of her natural hair. And guess what? Ironically,she now barely wear her hair in a bun or ponytail. Rice water literally made her rise up! She decided that she wants to share her story and this amazing miracle with the world. That’s how Rice Up! was born! A miracle product made with love and passion. 

Nathalie’s goal is to help people with ALL types of hair during their own unique hair journey. Helping them love, embrace, see the beauty and take care of their natural hair. To help them Rice Up! no matter how difficult the journey.

Much Love,

Rice Up!